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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sun Full Moon 4 June 2012

We gathered in the house, since the trees were still dripping rather enthusiastically in the Great Grove at 7:30 pm Monday nite.  Only three of us, but all wanting to work with the energy of that particular moon.  

We began with blended salt & water and blessed each other feet to crown then used Dragon Moon Love incense to open ourselves up to love. We cast the circle & called the Elementals, then called to Aphrodite to share her love and beauty thru the working.  We started by selecting one card each from the Mary-El tarot deck I just purchased last month. (I attach a few images from the deck and a link)  The cards each drew were perfectly right-on to our individual circumstances and we moved into sharing personal celebrations, since this is the moon of celebration!

Of course, the homemade cookies, fruit and sangria were shared during our celebration of celebrations. I celebrated how great I feel about having a group of active FDF students who know all the FDF casting and calling liturgy by heart! It is so wonderful for me to be in a group of folks, besides my Coven, that can create sacred space in the FireDrake fashion.

After we celebrated, since this is also the time of 'weeding the garden' (as one of our little group pointed out), we wrote down the things we wanted to weed and turn into fertilizer and burned them in a little iron cauldron, filling the room with the smoke of transformation.  When all the fire was out, we scoped up the mingled ashes of our personal ‘weedings’ and divided them into three little paper envelopes, to be used to fertilize the ‘garden’ of our choice.

More sangria homemade cookies and magickal conversation, then we opened the circle and parted.

I love being a Witch and I love that nearly all of my daily life is about Witchcraft!

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