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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

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Oh, thank the Goddess, t'is spring again and the green-budding life surrounds me.

We had a really lovely Ostara here at Dragondale (my home and covenstead for Coven Lunasun and FireDrake Grove) just last Saturday.  About 25 folk, including two small boys, celebrated in the Great Grove, sharing seeds, soaking up earth and tree energy and singing.  Afterwards, of course, there was a Great Feast with warm casserole, home-made quiche, breads, salads, cheeses and fruits ... yum!

Here is a little poem I  wrote several years ago in Honor of Spring:

Spring has come on quiet feet
She moves up close to take her seat _
Greets each of us in our own time
and stirs the source of inner rhyme.
Blessing with her secret rush
Her stance bespeaking summer's blush,
See Her now, upon each hill
Coaxing eyes to every sill;
Calling gentle, firm and true
Come dance again the whole year through.

©J'té Argent 1999