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Monday, June 30, 2008

Phython meets Star Trek

If you are a fan of Knights and legends, the Monty Python fellows and of the original Star Trek this You-Tube is a must see!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Witchcraft in the Elizabethan Age

I've noticed that some folks seem to be posting the same tired and limited information on the web about Witchcraft in the Elizabethan Age. It was a really good time for Witches to stay underground about their private practices and to profess links to Christianity for their health and well-being. Drawing upon my knowledge of the period, I turned up this very wonderful little piece about a handwritten book of shadows written in 1590.

I am writing an article on my website about this rather exciting time in the Age of Witchcraft. Remember, Queen Elizabeth would regularly consult with Dr. John Dee before she made many major decisions. Practicing Witchcraft in the Elizabethan Age was challenging at the very least, but the Queen always kept her "Astrologer" very close!

Worldwide Web 2.0-the easy way

Hey folks, this a very informative and easy to understand video about
the new Community Worldwide Web 2.0 ... enjoy! 
My friend friend, Mead Rose turned me on to this. His website is New Earth Arts website.