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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Full Hunter Moon at Dragondale
A magickal time in the Great Grove

Last nite we circled in the Redwood grove around a blazing fire to hunt.  We made spears out of green branches of walnut, madrone, oak and redwood ritually harvested by our Priestess and Priest from their own property.  In the dark, by the light of the fire and Elemental candles, we selected our spears; chopped down the rough points with a hatchet; sharpened them with smaller blades; hardened them by roasting carefully in the hot coals and then used them as anchors for a guided meditation. 

We were led into the forests of our hearts and sent down separate paths to hunt out what has been eluding us. We were left in silence to hunt, capture, cure or adopt what we had hunted and then brought back to the group by the voice of our Priestess.  This ritual was created and led by new students to FireDrake Feri and they rock!!! I am gifted with being able to share the Redwood Grove and Alison’s teachings with such amazing folk!

Blessings of the Full Hunter Moon to you all! May what ever has eluded you be now within your grasp.

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