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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wearing Blue

Some of you may have noticed that I rarely wear blue.  It has never been a particular favorite of mine for clothing.  Usually, if I am wearing any variation of that color I am teaching or priesting a water ritual or dressing in costume as a Dark Fae.  Alison, my beloved mentor, loved blue and wore it a lot.  I have decided to begin wearing blue more often, and when I do, it will be in honor of my beloved teacher.   The 7th anniversary of her death is this June.  I miss her always.


Blue as your eyes,
Blue as the great ocean waters,
Blue as the night sky over the hills of your home,
Blue as the thirteenth moon,
Blue as the tiny iridescent butterflies in your orchard,
Blue as the blueberries we loved to devour,
Blue as the forget-me-nots that grew in your field,
Blue as the God you never taught me about,
Blue as my Black Heart you helped to liberate,
Blue as the first dawn in winter,
Blue as my wandering path without you,
Blue as your eyes,
Blue, blue, blue,
I love you,
Alison Harlow
I love you, blue.

1 comment:

Pearl said...

It takes great courage to unveil aspects of your heart and who you hold dear within it. Thank you J'te for showing me the way to a new blue path. Loves!