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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Great evening with the Feri Folk

What fun on Friday nite! 
A great bunch of Feri Students from all three of my classes and myself met up at Shogun ( my favorite sushi restaurant, on Pacific in Santa Cruz) for a marvelous meal and then we trooped up the street to the Perfumer's Apprentice to make our own magickal scents. Linda, the owner, served us tea and cookies and offered us guidance and instruction in her lovely shoppe, which we had all to ourselves by prior arrangement. 

Several of the celebrants were surprised at how much fun they had and said so! this may be one of the 'annual' events that happens for FireDrake Feri Folk.
If you find the idea appealing, please perpetrate this idea with your own group. I call it the Feri Sushi and Scent Social, but you can call it whatever it so pleases.


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