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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Friendship and Teaching

So sad just now.
Someone I thought I knew used an email to drop out of an advanced Witchcraft, thirteen month class I am teaching. Everyone in the group made a commitment for the full thirteen months and we are only in month five. It leaves the other students in a lurch, as there are assignments and projects that have been assigned to pairs of students.

It leaves me appalled and hurt. Just sat down to tea with this person last nite …with no hint of a reference to dropping out of the course.This is a person I took into my life, my world and my community as a very close friend. Just as we completed the session focused on Emotion (Water element), this friend dumps their commitment, avoiding ‘face-time’ with teacher and friend. I am really surprised and still in shock, trying to get thru a day at work. So what to do???

The old axiom “when hurt or sad or depressed … learn something'” lights up in my brain and off I go…reading Neil Gaiman’s latest blog …reading about art printing …reading about something new!!
Read, learn, grow… center balance … choose

Do I really want to have any friends who use email as a replacement for face-time communication? I must say NO, the direction I take is that sometimes-rocky path of honesty and clarity. I wish well to my once-friend, may the path they find help them to what is needed.

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d.bella said...

Just now saw this... I hope things are settling out with the new class dynamic, and perhaps some clarity will be gained from the friend's abrupt leaving? *hugs* to you...