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Sunday, November 16, 2008

dinner with Alison

On the 31st, at 7 pm I sat down to dinner with my beloved friend,  teacher and mentor, Alison Harlow. As I shopped for this dinner the previous day, picking out the foods she loved the best and finding new things I felt she might enjoy, I realized with a start that I had not eaten a meal with her since May of 2004, a month before she died.
I had spoken with her, called her into circle and asked her questions through a Witch Board ... yes ... but dinner, not until 3 weeks ago. She was quiet at first, with that lovely, slightly wicked glint in her eye as she accepted the plate I offered and I seated myself opposite her in silence. There were two other living friends having supper with one of their beloved dead at the same table, but as we served our friends and sat it seemed that we each went into separate communion with our dinner partner. There were few instructions from Alison, save that I prepare and eat dinner with her at this time of year until I join her on the other side of the Veil. Our communication seemed to come through the food we ate and the deep silence that surrounded us. I still miss her in this world almost daily, but I know that any time I feel drawn to make her a favorite meal I will not eat alone.

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Aurora said...

Thank you for sharing this. A good friend visited me in a dream recently during the thinning of the veil. We sat on the couch of our former workplace, held hands, and chatted. When I woke up, I still felt her hand in mine. It's been years since her passing, and until this moment I never really dealt with her death. Even after her passing, she was able to give me a beautiful gift. The gift of letting go.

Blessed be,